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The TriPower Triathlon Club is based in the sunny Okanagan Valley, BC.  Our athletes enjoy swimming, biking, and running together as a team.  Through coached group sessions, kids are introduced to different aspects of triathlon training and racing in a safe, social and fun environment. Our athletes are enthusiastic, positive-thinking and determined to try their best!  We smile, cheer, and have fun training and racing triathlons!  We also have programs for adults.  Make triathlon your family sport!  If you would like to join our club please contact us. 


Summerland and Penticton, BC

TriPower Triathlon Club                           

Summerland, BC

Head Coach:  Melissa Berrisford




Our Cheer:

Swim Bike Run Fun

We have the power.

We have the power.


"New and exciting activities are planned with each camp.  Coach Mike and Melissa keep it interesting and make training enjoyable.  I have learned a lot from nutrition to equipment maintenance to race preparation." - Ian, 16

"My experiences with TriPower are great for sure! The coaches are amazing.  They teach us how to cooperate as a team and how to succeed as an individual.  They have taught me many skills that I have applied to all sports and life in general.  I have learned to have fun while working my hardest in sport and all I do.- Swim! Bike! Run! Fun!” – Heming, 12

"It is fun!" - Taylor, 5